Sion Research Associates, Inc.Sion Research Associates, Inc.

“Cherie Sion's guidance was invaluable. That she was able to tease out valuable information... and wrap up the focus groups on time was a testament to her expertise. I'd work with her again in a New York minute.”

- News Publication

“Cherie nimbly shifted to new moderating techniques as the discussion evolved. Her productive efforts eliminated the need to extend the research beyond our budget.”

- National Security Company

About Us

Our first priority is to get to the heart of the matter: Understanding your business. Your mission. Your goals. Your market. The issues that concern you. The problems that confront you.

Different businesses... shared problems.

The clients we work with are concerned or uncertain about:

  • Positioning of a product or service
  • Evaluating advertising
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Package design
  • Comprehending purchase decision dynamics
  • Exploring communication messages

Our Solutions:

  • Help clients see their products, brands and services through the eyes of their customers
  • Show context - how and why a product, service or topic relates to them
  • Evaluate how people think about a product or topic
  • Understand the reasons that connect people to a product or service
  • Discover emerging issues
  • Disaster checks
  • Assure more effective expenditures

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Sion Research Associates, Inc.

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