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Why Use A CMC?

The CMC (Certified Management Consultant) designation is awarded to those select consultants who have demonstrated a history of substantive results for clients, adherence to the canon of ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants, and professional practice management.

At this time, fewer than 1,000 consultants in the United States have been recognized with the CMC designation. That is less than 1% of all active consultants in all fields.

The advantages to the client is ensuring that the consultant engaged for projects possesses the CMC designation include:

  • A history of results and excellent performance, as attested to by client testimonials, references, and repeat business. Evidence of that track record is required for CMC certification.
  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards of the profession, as manifest by successfully completing a sitting, monitored exam on the IMC ethical canons and client confirmation of adherence to those standards.
  • Experience in the field, since a minimum of five years of continuous consulting and successful results are required for certification.
  • Life-long professional education, provided by the IMC in the form of national conferences, local workshops, written reports, electronic access to research, newsletters, and other professional development.
  • A reference network for challenging client problems, including the IMC USA national database, local chapter immediate reference sources, and the combined wisdom of the knowledge management created and maintained within IMC USA.
  • The assurance and safety of knowing that the consulting resource you've chosen has passed the toughest certification in the profession, and must maintain that degree of performance through periodic recertification.

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