Sion Research Associates, Inc.Sion Research Associates, Inc.

“Cherie's skills, grasp of the issues and ability to inspire the best from every respondent places her among the top one percent of moderators.”

- Major Utility Holding Company

Why Use Us?

We know how to:

  • Establish rapport with respondents in an environment of respect
  • Probe beyond rationalizations to uncover genuine motivations
  • Interpret and build on what they hear
  • Maintain flexibility in guiding the discussion while keeping the objectives in mind
  • “Turn on a dime” - adapt their approach when new/unexpected issues and insights arise
  • Manage the energy level and personality dynamics of the discussion for maximum participation
  • Ask questions without biasing or leading respondents

We are prepared for challenging situations - and are able to:

  • Effectively handle “over-talkers” and non-talkers
  • Keep unexpected issues from sabotaging the discussion
  • Probe contradictions that don't “ring true”
  • Handle sensitive topics with diplomacy
  • Recognize problem respondents and act appropriately

We bring:

  • Mastery of multiple techniques
  • Experience in diverse disciplines
  • Knowledge about relevant trends in other categories and industries

We do more than just moderate, we are involved throughout the research process. We:

  • Help clarify the objectives of the research
  • Recommend approaches for the research design, methodology
  • Maintain objectivity from the design stage through final analysis
  • Stay focused on clients' business issues so the research findings are relevant and actionable
  • Build a positive working relationship with clients

We ensure high standards by:

  • Protecting client confidentiality
  • Protecting respondent confidentiality and anonymity
  • Staying committed to non-discriminatory recruiting of research participants
  • Being considerate and respectful of respondents


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